I KNEW she wasn’t going to understand.

Yesterday, my beloved mother picks me up from the airport. I’ve been away for two weeks, and have, admittedly, been reluctant to tell her about my move to eating raw. We’re mad close and talk every day, but I just haven’t mentioned it.

So, we’re chatting back and forth from baggage claim to the moveable sidewalk towards the parking lot, and I say, “so… I have something to tell you.”

She looks at me with hesitation, and I can visibly see her bracing for some momentous news (as I always begin my life changing announcements with this phrase).

I say, “I went raw vegan.”

She slumps. I crack up laughing.

I was watching a video this morning about raw foodism, and the woman was talking about people’s reaction to your new food choices. It seems that the number one question that is asked (after the shock has cleared) is “What CAN you eat?”, and that’s how my mother looked. I don’t blame her for her reaction, of course – she looks at is as a deprivation. She said, “so, now you can’t cook, either???”, and I totally get that. However, I don’t look at it that way. I see it as giving me more time, more energy, more food options… more more more. Okay, so I don’t (not “can’t”) cook. Okay, so I don’t eat meat. Okay, so I don’t eat the stuff I have been eating… not because it’s bad for me, but because I choose not to. We talked about it, and she knows it’s my conscious choice. And, although I was reluctant to discuss it with her, I knew she’d be behind me… eventually.

I don’t expect people to understand this. I expect a lot of questions, a lot of criticism, a lot of mock temptation, a lot of judgment. But hey… I’m a grown ass woman. My decisions are just that – MINE. I know why I am doing this. I am clear on my intentions. I am happy in my path. God knows it was a surpise, but hey. I’m just going with it.