For the first time in, well, maybe my whole life, I am falling in love with my body.

Before now, I never recognized what an awesome body I had when I was younger. Before college, in college, in my twenties… I was completely oblivious to how people looked at me. I alwasy thought I was fat because I was the biggest/tallest of all my friends. I never appreciated my body, and I grew older, this turned into a severe case of separation anxiety. I separated my head from the rest of my frame and only paid attention to what was above the collarbone. I hated looking in mirrors, and I hated taking pictures below the neck.

I feel like this is all changing now.

I have a long way to go, sure, but now I’m beginning to look at my body differently. Especially my lower body – of late, I hadn’t been in love with my thighs or butt, and I downright hated by belly. I’d do whatever I could to hide the lower half of me. Now, however, I find myself really admiring my thighs. My butt hasn’t been my strong suit in the past, but now, I’m starting to see how I can change that through weights and lunges and stuff. In the meantime, I’m kinda digging how cute it is! My tummy’s smaller, so even thought our relationship was dysfunctional in the past, I see signs that we’re on the mend.

I see my body being reshaped. I see the fat pockets and the cellulite leaving me. I see my limbs as long, smooth extensions of the whole of me, and instead of rushing past the mirror in the morning, I take that extra second to look. To REALLY look at my whole body and appreciate the curves I see. That mirror time is my time to wonder how it’s all going to look when it’s flatter or rounder or cut or tighter. I’m not scared to look at it. I don’t criticize it. I see all of me, not just the parts I didn’t like.

I can honestly say that, for the first time ever, I love my body. Not for what it will be (as I will love that, too), but for what it is and looks like right now.

I love my body.