I don’t know about y’all, but I am always in search of the perfect jeans. I feel like I have a strange body – I’m heavy in the middle, but I have no butt (it’s so sad, especially when you consider that my mother has a butt formed by the Gods. I was genetically robbed!). I have thighs for days, but am high-waisted. Jeans have historically been a pain to fit, especially since the whole “low rise” fad came to be. Low rise jeans are ridiculous on me… my whole non-existent ass is out for the world to see, and I spend the whole day pulling my pants up. Not a fun experience.

I used to love Lane Bryant’s Right Fit jeans, because the Square cut fit me like a dream. Slim through the hip, natural waist, and none of the extra fabric around the middle (which would traditionally be filled up by the butt of a normal girl). But since I have dropped weight, they don’t fit as well. I’ve now moved onto Old Navy’s Sweetheart jeans, which fit me very well and have the same cut as LB’s RF brand without the extra stretch.

The Sweetheart jeans was what I bought a couple of weeks ago and had to take in. Now THAT was a proud moment! Even prouder was when I realized the taken-in jeans were STILL too big. I could work with them in the thighs, but the waist wasn’t happening without a belt, and I was still saggy around the booty and tummy… and we can’t have that. It completely throws off the outfit, you know? You can’t have on stiletto’s and saggy-ass jeans. Does not compute.

So I ordered the next size down. Yep, you guessed it, boys and girls… they fit perfectly. I’m shrinking like a madman over here!