Okay, I have a new obsession.

You guys have seen the armbands they wear on The Biggest Loser, right? When I first started watching, I had no idea what Bob and Jillian were talking about when they said that the players needed to hit a 3500 calorie burn for the day. I’m thinking, “What? How do you even check that?” Well, now I know.

The little contraptions they wear are called BodyBuggs. BodyMedia.com makes this and another type called GoWearFit (which is what I own), but they are essentially the same deal. You wear it constantly and it tracks your heart rate, amount of steps, sleeping patterns, and calories burned for the day. Let me delve a little deeper into that – you don’t just burn calories when you work out. You burn calories all the time through breathing, walking around the grocery store, having sex, cleaning the house, doing laundry… whatever. THAT’S what this tracks – ALL the calories you burn. When I began researching it, the Virgo in me popped up and got excited about the possibility of this level of detail. As I dug further and asked around, I found that people LOVE this thing. I didn’t hear not one bad review. This always peaks my interest more.

So, I bought one a couple of weeks ago. To clarify, I bought the armband, not the accompanying optional display piece (which is worn like a watch and shows you a minute-by-minute record of your calories, heart rate, steps, etc). Without the display dealie, you have to plug the armpiece into your computer and sync it to see your daily results.

When it came, I ripped through the package like a kid on Christmas and immediately began to set it up, only to find that my Mac needed an extra Java download to be able to work with the site properly. Stream of obscenities. Lots of pouting and stomping. Major unhappiness. I considered buying a (choke) PC netbook just to use for the BodyBugg sync, but thankfully, the Java download I needed came through last week and I was able to get onto the site. You have no idea how jump-up-and-down happy I was, especially since my cheap-ass heart rate monitor crapped out on me mid-workout last week.

Yesterday was my first full day of using the BodyBugg, sleep and all. Let me tell you… I am hooked for LIFE. It’s amazing. It not only tracks your steps, your calories (in AND out) and your weight, it allows you to set goals based on your exercise level, and then tells you DAILY whether you’re on track or not. It’s got graphs. It’s got charts. It’s got reports. It’s got notifications to show you when you beat your personal best. But best of all…. it ACCURATELY tells you your calorie deficit for the day. Do you know how long I have been trying to wrap my head around proper calorie deficit equations? And this thing just… does it for you.

OMG. The angels are singing. Can’t you hear them? This goes PERFECTLY with yesterday’s post about recommitment! I can accurately track my shit by just putting the damn armband on! No more calculating! No more guesswork!

You know I’m going back for the wrist display piece, don’t you? Of course you do.