I just had the most amazing experience, y’all!

Yesterday, I was prompted by a comment from the lovely Kitty Marine to look into The Exposed Movement. This is an awesome project – to simplify, bloggers all over the world are putting half-naked pics of themselves on their blogs, and the pics have writing all over them describing the things they love about themselves. This is an effort for more people to focus on the positive about their bodies instead of lamenting about what they dislike. This is BRILLIANT, and yes, I’ll be exposing myself shortly.

This led me to a post on ECD.com, of course! I wanted to share the feeling of being in love with our bodies with my kick-ass EC community, so I posted this (partial post, because y’all know I can be longwinded):

I’ve been researching (The Exposed Movement) for the better part of the afternoon, and I came across a really interesting post from a woman who did this a year ago and wrote a “reflection” post recently. She said that out of all the things she wrote on her own picture that she loved about herself, very few of them were PHYSICAL traits. That’s something we do – if someone asks us what we like about ourselves, we’re quick to rattle off the non-physical things (my personality, my laugh, I play a mean game of Twister…) but wouldn’t dare say, “my thighs are hot as devil’s smoke”.

That got me thinking about our wonderful community. We are such a powerful group of people, and I think we need to focus not only on what we are changing in ourselves through EC (yea, Tosca!), but what we love about ourselves NOW that will only get hotter as we go along. So, I challenge you to list FIVE PHYSICAL THINGS (yep… five. Cinco. 1, 2, 3, 4 AND 5. No less, chicks!) that you love about yourself. Right now.

I’ll go first…

1. I love love love my face. All of it. It’s taken me a minute to really get in touch with my beauty, but dammit, I’m gorgeous.
2. I love my boobs. They are my pride and joy.
3. I am really falling in love with my arms! I’m feeling all kinds of muscle definition and seeing some shoulder action… I spend a lot of time in the mirror in the “guns” position!
4. Lovin’ the thighs, ladies. I love the line of them! They have always been big and powerful and have made men cry. Really.
5. I love my hips. Specifically, I love the way they move when I walk and when I dance.

There may be parts of me that I am actively working on, but it’s about celebrating your whole self in the now.

THE RESPONSE HAS BEEN AMAZING! I posted this yesterday and hadn’t had a chance to look back until this morning. While I was reading the comments, I actually teared up! I got emotional reading about how these women love their hair, their hands, their butts, their boobs. Women are actively in love with their freckles, their decollatage, their calves, the place where their butt meets their legs… it was truly phenomenal! They even featured the post on ECD’s homepage so more people could comment.

I tell you, reading those comments has made my week! It is so beautiful to see women celebrate the beauty in themselves!