I have a confession to make… I have not worked out since Monday.

Let me warn you ahead of time – this is a “complaining” post. I am pissy today and I know need to snap out of it, but I have definitely let it affect my schedule this week. Monday morning, I did Day 22 of Power 90 (Sculpt 1-2), and I ran on the rebounder for 12 minutes in the evening (I usually do 30 with the C25K program, but I just put on some music and ran for 12). Haven’t worked out since then, and I was feeling really guilty about it this morning. I still have stayed on the clean eating plan, and that’s a comfort (I haven’t let it ALL slide), but the no exercise thing is wiggin’ me.

I feel especially guilty because of my post this week about cutting the excuses and getting your head out of your ass. Who the fuck am I to say that if I’m not following my plan to a T? I’m being a hypocrite right now. All these people on ECD.com are “quoting” me, asking me for motivation and guidance and saying, “well, wishinaintdoin said…” Huh?!? I think that part of it makes me the most uncomfortable, but I have to get over it.

Don’t exactly know where my motivation has been this week. I started my second set of college courses, working on a new business deal, doing my regular 9-5 gig writing here and on ECD.com every day and, finally, getting ready for a speaking event next weekend. Does that mean I’m a little whelmed? Do I feel burnt out by all that I have on my plate? I don’t know – I do feel more tired than usual, but burnt out? I don’t think I’m there, yet. Overwhelmed? Maybe.

Maybe it’s PMS. I’m just slipping into pissy and annoyed a lot quicker than usual… maybe that’s the reason I’m loafing around.

I feel like I need an adrenaline shot. Truth is, I want all the shit that’s on my plate (and all the loose ends that I have let accumluate through my life) cleaned up. I think the stress of not having these things done is causing me to slack off and spin.

I need to shut the fuck up and snap out of it. Hypocrisy is not a good look on me.