My mind was playing tricks on me today…

For some reason, I have been craving french fries lately. I mean, I love the clean eating, and it has had such a positive result on my body, my skin… lovin’ it! But french fries have always been a love of mine and I haven’t had them for quite a while. For the last couple of days, I’ve been smelling them in my head. Strange!

Today, a coworker was talking about how he had Five Guys burgers for dinner, and my mind went left. That salivating gene kicked into overload, and all I wanted was a Five Guys burger with bacon and mushrooms and a huge bag of their greasy, salty, scrumptious fries. As the day went on, my stress level increased because of outside stuff, and that burger + fry desire sat on my shoulder like a 150-lb. baboon. Red ass and all.

I was supposed to work late. As I got closer to 5:30, I knew that if I did, I’d be in serious trouble. I know me and what happens when I get stressed – I would drive to Five Guys, make an excuse for not doing my second workout, gorge myself on a ridiculous amount of fat, and then lay around like a guilty beached whale while I watched people workout on The Biggest Loser.

Not happening.

I came home, I did my C25K run on the rebounder, and made broiled salmon, rice, and green beans for dinner. I feel SO awesome that I fought through that craving and took my stress out on the rebounder! A definite mind shift and milestone for me.