On the wall in my bedroom, posted up unceremoniously with packing tape, is my Power 90 calendar. This is how I track my workouts and the calories I’ve burned each day.

I took a look at it this morning as I got ready to mark off Day 15 (Go Carla! Go Carla! Go, go… go Carla!), and I had to do a double take. The first thing that struck me was that 6 days out of the 7 last week were marked off (OMG! Is that for real? You kicked ass last week, girl!). Second was all the calories I burned.

I pulled out my trusty calculator and added them all up. 4219 calories, people. FOUR THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED AND NINETEEN! That is just craziness. I love it!

My mind has clicked over. I am killing this. My fat has no chance against my will and determination. It’s a new day, bitches…