Last Monday, I started the Power 90 program. First of all, it’s awesome – hard pumping, sweat-dripping… definitely gets the heart rate up. I love the Sculpt 1-2 video, and made it through that surprisingly well. The Sweat 1-2 video was another story, though. That Power Yoga kicked my ass!

The program requires 6 workout days in one week, and I only did 4 days. Honestly, I’m ashamed to even say that, because I should have done better. I let stress get the better of me this week; I just had too much to do because I had been procrastinating for so long. Ugh. I hate that I do that. I would love to just wipe this week from the books and start from the beginning. I know better than that, though… the key is to pick up right where you are and get back on the horse.

I wrote about it on my beloved, and two of my favorite posters gave me some really great perspective (which I will now paraphrase). Limor told me to remove all emotion from working out and just get it done. She gave this great example of how she had been out at a rave all night, went home, slept for one hour, and then got up to meet her trainer. She was wrecked from the night before, but when she got to the gym, she pushed and gave it her best (how awesome is that?). Xena reminded me to make an appointment each and every day with my exercise, and to never, NEVER miss that appointment.

They are right. I so want this to become a habit that I crave, just like eating clean has become more of a want for me than McDonald’s. Power 90 comes with this 90-day calendar that you put on the wall, and that’s exactly what I did. I put it on the wall and marked off the days I have done. There is nothing I want more than to keep ticking off those days until that calendar is full. But the only way I’m going to make that happen is to stop letting me head (with its many excuses) get in the way.

I need to shut up and get it done.