So, remember how I posted a few weeks ago about throwing my scale in the trunk of my car? Well, I think I can hear it calling me.

Y’all, I woke up wanting to get on the scale. I’m 10 days into my 6 week power plan, and I know I said I wasn’t going to get on until I was done, but I don’t know what has come over me! I feel like I need to know what my current weight is! It’s a mild obsession!

But I CANNOT do this (which is why I threw the scale in the trunk! It’s not lurking around the house waiting for me to give in… beckoning me from the corner of the bathroom). I am one of those people that is severly affected by the number on the scale. If I’ve dropped, I’m giddy. If I haven’t losit any weight (or, God forbid, gained), I’m wrecked and susceptible to any random Snickers bar that happens to be walkinig by. It’s not pretty.

I’m turning away. I’m going to drink my water, write a post and look at everyone’s latest stories, and eat some egg whites. Must… resist…