Y’all know I’m a closet gym rat, right? I LOVE working out. The harder the exercise, the happier I am. When I’m in the gym, you can hear me grunting, yelling and cursing. I sweat buckets. I’m as happy as a pig in… you get the gist.

I have not been in the gym lately. Right now, I am concentrating on doing C25K on my rebounder for 30 minutes a day as well as eating clean. I figure it’s important for me to focus on this plan for 6 weeks and see some definitive progress before I move onto the next thing. However, I do believe in making a plan ahead of time, and I’m looking at what exercise I’ll be doing over the next year.

I was on Facebook, and a friend mentioned they were doing P90X. Now, I’ve seen the infomercials and I believe the hype. I don’t know anyone who HASN’T gotten results of some sort by following the program, but I haven’t picked it up or looked deep into it. Today, curiosity got the best of me, and I decided to do a little research.


First of all, the muscle confusion stuff? AMAZING. Pull ups? Scary, but really cool. Plyometrics? HOT DAMN! I can see what all the fuss is about. I’m drooling. I want to whip out my credit card and order it with rush shipping, AND I want all the acoutrements that are required for the program (dumbbells, floor mat, chin up bar… oh, the joy!).


Okay, this is where I tend to get ahead of myself and want it all right now. Uh, hello? Who’s on WEEK ONE of C25K? There are 9 weeks in that program, and I still have a gym membership to consider! I mean, I will probably end up doing it… but… hey! Maybe I should save it until May of next year, RIGHT before I have to submit my “after” shots for the ECD Makeover Challenge. HA! That’s it! STRATEGY!