Even for an overacheiving Virgo such as myself, there is such a thing as “too much”. I know how I get – all gung ho about a thing, and then after a couple of weeks of living at a constant speed of 110 MPH, I get burnt out and all fetal position-ish. The thing about this time around, however, is that I can recognize my patterns and see when I’m starting to slide down the slippery slope.

Yesterday at the office, some of my co-workers were talking about boxing. Now, ever since seeing Million Dollar Baby a few years ago, I have been attracted to boxing as a part of exercise. This is something that I really want to fold into my workout repetoire (boxing and running… but we’ll get to the running thing later), so of course I’m listening with open ears. One girl just started going to a new boxing gym this weekend and was very excited about the classes, while the other has been going to the same gym for a while and just recently got a trainer to take her through a new regimen. Of course, they both turned to me and asked me if I was going to sign up. The “new” girl even challenged me to a sparring match and threatened to come by my house on a Saturday to drive me to the gym.

See, the old me would’ve been all over this. Let’s move past the fact that I would whip this girl’s ass in a sparring match… let’s just focus on the fact that I have stated in a previous post that I am easily influenced, AND that I really want to learn how to box. The old me would have tried to figure out how to fit this new thing into my schedule, would have gone to the gym, signed up, gotten some crazy-priced personal training package, been at the gym at 5:00 AM…

You see the slope? I do, too.

First of all, I already BELONG to a gym. My job pays the majority of the monthly fee, so why am I joining another one? Second, I already have an exercise schedule, and before I go jump on another bandwagon, I should probably get this plan more solidly in the pocket. Thirdly, I’m trying to make my daily schedule (my life!) MORE convenient, not less. The gym they belong to is easily 20-25 minutes away from my house without traffic, and I don’t need another “thing” to get to.

Slope avoided.

Today’s Inspirational Post:
Today on Twitter, @fitnessformost posted a link to a great article about starting to set up a fitness program. The article stresses the fact that even small changes make a big difference in your health and fitness. Loved it!