So… I’m doing it. 

I’m submitting an entry to win Tosca Reno’s 3rd Annual Eat Clean Diet Makeover Challenge. Oh my God.

When I first logged onto, I saw that the Challenge was coming up in August and thought, “EEEEK! ARRGH! Uhh…. hmm! Maybe!”, and it’s been stuck in my head ever since. COULD I DO IT? Me? Realistically, I have 100 pounds to lose. I’m sure lots of people who will enter this thing have MUCH less poundage to shed than that. But stranger things have happened… I mean, talk about being accountable! Talk about motivation! And by posting progress reports here and on the ECD discussion boards, I know I’ll have support… 

Wow. 11 months. I can do this. I’m really doing this. Even more… I want to win.