Today, I resisted potato chips. I also resisted pretzels when they were offered, but that’s no big deal, really. But saying no to potato chips? That’s unheard of. I LOVE potato chips. I love anything made from a potato. I used to think that french fries were manna from heaven.

But today, when offered potato chips, I said no. That alone shows me that the clean eating is working.

Now, I haven’t been a saint – this weekend I didn’t eat clean because I was at someone else’s house and hadn’t prepared my food. But I didn’t go crazy, and I didn’t beat myself up about it. I knew that, when I got back to my house and Monday rolled around, I would again be packing my food and prepping meals for the week. See that? I just took it easy on myself. I’m learning slowly!

Eating clean is working for me. I’m not hungry… at all. That’s a big deal for me, to not be hungry without the aid of some pharmaceutical agent. I eat every three hours, and I’m not starving and running to the fridge at the 59th minute of the second hour. I’m following Tosca’s suggestions when it comes to portion sizes, protein + complex carb pairings, and water intake (I’m averaging about 3 liters a day so far). I’m cooking much more than I have in a really long time, and I’m loving it. Yesterday, I made baked meatballs out of ground turkey and oatmeal, a veggie quinoa pilaf, collards in vegetable broth, and a chicken breast marinade. I’m on a roll!

I see how I was eating all the wrong stuff before, even when I thought I was being healthy. Food with too much salt, sugar or preservatives. Thinking that yogurt with fruit on the bottom (even when it says “light” on the packaging) was better for me than plain, non-fat greek yogurt (which I add to my morning smoothie). I used to love these little 5-grain crackers that were supposedly baked, but when I looked at the label, they had high fructose corn syrup in them. Why does a CRACKER need HFCS? Crazy how many hidden ingredients can derail you.

But eating clean? This works. It’s a control freak’s dream.