How am I today? Eh.

I’m not my usual upbeat, witty self. I feel kinda flat, actually, and would have definitely preferred a day spent deep under the covers instead of 8 hours at work. It’s rainy. It’s gray. I’m… eh.

It’s day 3, but actually week 1 of clean eating. Doing very well – it’s not hard at all, just takes a lot of planning. Decided to up my water intake to 3 liters a day instead of 2. Had my boiled egg whites and oatmeal for breakfast. Let me throw out a sarcasm-laden “yippee” right here.


You know what it is? I’m impatient. My mother always says that she was born near-sighted with no patience, and I think that’s a genetic issue. But the thing about weight loss is that it takes TIME. Time for you body to adjust, time to see changes take affect… I hate time. I DESPISE time. I want to be skinny NOW.

The girl next to me is eating a cranberry orange muffin. That bitch.

I know I need to not only be patient with the process, but realize that a year goes by faster than expected. I mean, look at 2010. It’s AUGUST already. It was just snowing two seconds ago! I need to calm down and recognize the fact that the time will go by very quickly. Writing every day keeps me on track, keeps me aware of the changes, and keeps me honest about my path. Soon, day 3 will turn into day 33, day 173, day 253…

*heavy sigh*

Patience is not my strong suit, but what choice do I have? The cranberry orange muffins have gotten me to one place… I need to relax and let the boiled egg whites take me someplace new.

As for the blahs, I’ll just ride it out. Probably feel much different tomorrow.